Heavy haul truck transporting oversized equipment

We have the equipment available to handle your unique and varied requirements

Our large inventory of diverse open-deck trailers ensures that we can match the right trailer to your exact needs.  Our fleet includes standard flatbeds, step-decks, double drops, mini-decks, extendables and steerables in a myriad of axle configurations from tandem axle up to 13 axle.

  • We also offer various specialty open-deck trailers which include:
  • Ultra-low step-decks with a loaded deck height of 32 inches trailer length (in both 53 foot and extendable lengths)
  • Roll-tite step-decks and flatbeds available which eliminates the need for tarping
  • Tank trailers (perimeter frame) which are designed specifically for transporting cylindrical vessels up to 19 feet diameter
  • Mini-deck floats which offer a loaded deck height of only 12 inches….perfect for your high loads
  • In addition to our standard trailer line-up, we offer 20 lines of hydraulic transporter/SPMT for loads between 200,000 Lbs. and 1,000,000 Lbs.

We have one of the largest fleets of open deck trailers in the industry and can eagerly satisfy project requests where a large number of trailers are required for short term projects.  Call us to discuss your needs.


Open Deck – Services

Trust all your specialized transportation needs to the professional team at SCOTT-WOODS!