Heavy haul truck transporting construction equipment

We keep our customers’ shipments safe and secure

Operating as a “bricks and mortar” overdimensional carrier is a significant commitment in both planning and resources. It requires a large cost of entry, superior driving personnel and project managers that are versed in every aspect of overweight and oversize shipment requirements. At Scott-Woods safety is paramount to everything we do.  Our in-house safety department and dedicated training staff ensure that our safety policies are both relevant and effective, and that our own personnel are well versed in the best practices safety model we utilize. Lack of preparation or not choosing the right equipment can have devastating consequences to the safety of your load.

We don’t take chances  – we do it right the first time

We don’t cut corners, nor do we take chances with the safety of your shipment, our people, or the thousands of motorists we share the roads with on a daily basis. Don’t take chances.  While there are some unscrupulous carriers out there who find it acceptable to ‘sneak’ overdimensional loads into areas without the necessary government approvals, all in the name of saving a few dollars, you will not find this attitude or behaviour at Scott-Woods Transport.  We always go through the proper channels, obtain the necessary permits, and hire the required support vehicles be it private or police escorts or utility vehicles for cable lifting.  At Scott-Woods Transport, we do it right the first time.

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