Dedicated fleets

Lower costs, increased efficiencies

This popular option has been the preferred transportation means for the consumer products industry for years. It is gaining an increased acceptance in the specialized transportation world as clients see the cost savings and improvements to their daily operations.

Our Dedicated Fleet option gives our customers all the benefits of running their own fleet without the headaches typically associated with fleet operations.

Advantages to our customers include:

  • The ability to have the trucks painted/decaled in your corporate colours
  • We provide the equipment and driver, you dispatch the trucks yourself, providing the ultimate in scheduling flexibility
  • All employee related items such as Workers’ Compensation, driver recruitment and training, benefits, vacation relief, and many more are managed directly by Scott-Woods, eliminating both the administration and financial exposure of these items to your organization
  • Trucks can be domiciled at your location, eliminating the cost of travelling back and forth to the carriers yard each day (which can often be 25% of your daily transport cost)
  • Maximum flexibility, even for clients with diverse needs. The optimum fleet configuration is mutually determined and extra trucks and/or trailer configurations can be added on an ad-hoc basis to support volume spikes or different shipping requirements

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Trust all your specialized transportation needs to the professional team at SCOTT-WOODS!