Heavy haul truck transporting oversized equipment

Over 100 years of trucking service

Our origins date back to 1910 and our continued success is firmly built on that solid and historical foundation. Like most companies that flourish over time, we have listened and responded to the changing needs of our customers. We continue to innovate and embrace change to take our place as an undisputed leader in Canada’s specialized heavy haul and overdimensional trucking industry.

Overweight and oversize trucking are our focus

We have designed our fleet to be cost-effective and flexible. Spec’ing our equipment carefully to allow us to optimize configurations to accommodate a wide-range of requirements. Serving the overweight and overdimensional market is a specialty of Scott-Woods Transport.  Our people are experts in this very precise field and have the knowledge and experience to move your biggest shipments anywhere in North America.  This flexibility allows us to quickly respond to the changing needs of the most demanding industries including:

Well known for Tilt ‘N’ Load

We were pioneers in the development of Tilt ‘N’ Load equipment and dominate the Ontario market with this specialization, designing this specialized system decades ago. It has the ability to hydraulically lower the deck to ground level for equipment such as tow motors to be driven on and off without the use of expensive cranes. We continue as leaders in this market and offer a wide range of Tilt ‘N’ Load trucks and hydraulic tilt trailers to best suit clients’ varying size and weight requirements.

The devil is in the details

We have a team of experienced project managers on staff whose sole focus is to manage each overdimensional load we haul. We are meticulous with the planning, permits and design of equipment configurations required for each load we undertake. Our ability to perform all aspects of the project in-house provides us with the flexibility we need to make your project a success.

A continued investment in the right people and leading technologies

We don’t take chances with your valuable cargo. We utilize modern equipment, knowledgeable staff, seasoned drivers, regular training and the technologies required to keep you in the communication loop every step of the way.

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