Scott-Woods Transport technology

Our technology has evolved with the changing needs of our customers

Over the last couple of decades, we have taken advantage of the advancements in available technologies in our industry. The investment has been significant but the corresponding shipment visibility and enhanced communication was well worth it. Some of the recent features include:

  • Digital permit access, in-cab, for drivers as they travel
  • Shaw system, in-cab messaging and GPS positioning
  • TMS software, with engineered drawings for detailed load planning
  • Electronic log books, saves time and ensures compliance
  • Computerized fleet maintenance system

Operating lean requires having significant technology in place

In our business, our people take a team approach to delivering on the promises we make to our valued clients. We know how critical communication is in meeting those commitments. We pride ourselves on offering value to our customers but we don’t scrimp on the tools we need to perform.

  • GPS positioning in 5 minute intervals throughout our company owned and operated fleet
  • Customized reporting to help us and our customers manage their business effectively
  • Automated email alerts including pick-up and delivery notifications
  • E-billing and 24/7 web access to critical shipment data

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