Heavy haul truck transporting oversized equipment

One of Canada’s go-to companies for heavy haul transport

Over our long history in trucking we really have transported some amazingly unique shipments. Because we serve such a wide range of industries, we don’t get surprised very often. Still, if you have something out of the ordinary that’s okay… our experienced team loves a challenge!

Heavy haul trucking is a growing portion of our North American service mix

As a mature, asset-based carrier, Scott-Woods has the people, the equipment, and the expertise to handle your largest and heaviest loads (up to 175,000 lbs). Our equipment is modular and easily customizable. This allows us to quickly configure the right equipment combination to meet your requirements.
The detailed nature of moving over dimensional and overweight shipments throughout North America is a great fit for the Scott-Woods team. We have a true passion for executing these operations in a flawless manner and it continues to grow as one of our top service offerings for our clients in industries like:

  • Mining
  • Power Distribution (E-Houses)
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas

An ounce of prevention still rules the day in heavy haul trucking

Our team of heavy haul specialists and project managers are hands-on with every aspect of the move. We come out to your site, review the equipment/drawings with you, prepare a plan, talk to the local authorities, drive the route, etc. This ensures all potential problems or areas of concern are addressed well before anything is loaded onto a trailer.